Experts in OnlyFans Accounts - Looking after some of the UK's Highest Earning Creators

Highest Earning Creators

If some of the UK’s highest earning creators trust us to look after their taxes then so can you.


We have a full network in place ready to support high net worth individuals from investment mentoring, pensions, mortgages and tax.

Tax Efficient Advice

We advise on income and profit levels.

This ensures that you are using the correct business set up to make yourself as tax efficient as possible. This advice is a free part of any package you choose and for many creators it is our stand out service that could save you a fortune.

OnlyFans Income

We know the income model set out by OnlyFans.

You don’t need to spend time trying to explain how the commissions, currency adjustments and other financial aspects work so that we can account for it correctly.

We just do it as standard.


To put it simply… We make this easy for you.

If you’re too busy, we can even do your bookkeeping.

If you’re confused, we explain everything in plain English.

We are always there to support and help your business grow.


Dedicated to OnlyFans

Visit our competitors websites.

We don’t mind.

You don’t hear many accountants saying that but here’s why.

You will notice every single one of our competitors say they are specialists for OnlyFans Creators. This is good so far, then you will notice they are specialists in influencer accounts, Uber accounts, Contractor accounts, E-commerce accounts and so on, the list is endless. If you specialise in all those sectors then are you a specialist or just a general accountant?

Don’t take the risk, come to us.

Fixed Fees for all Services

Self-Employed - Package One

£375 + VAT per year

This package is suitable for a self-employed OnlyFans Creator who isn’t VAT registered.

This package includes employment income in addition free of charge. So if you’re employed and also self-employed with no other income then the price is set at £375 + VAT.

If you’re new to  Self-Employment and aren’t sure what you need to do to keep HMRC happy then we can help you all the way.

This package is perfect for someone starting out on OnlyFans.

Self-Employed - Package Two

£650 + VAT per year

This package is suitable for a self-employed OnlyFans Creator who is VAT registered.

This package also includes employment income in addition free of charge if needed. The price is set at £650 + VAT so you won’t receive any surprises.

If you are hitting the VAT threshold and you’re self-employed then we will discuss options with you going forward free of charge as it’s highly likely that you will benefit from a limited company.

Limited Company - Package Three

Quoted to Suit Individual Circumstances

This package is difficult to give a set price for as there are so many options available and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. It comes down to individual circumstances so all of our limited company services are bespoke and tailored to you.

We also provide full management services to limited companies so contact us for details

VAT Registration

£75 + VAT

Do you know when it’s beneficial to be VAT registered?

Contact us before VAT registering as you will need specific advice not just the generic £85,000 turnover that most accountants will say.

We are always available to provide the best advice.

Limited Company Incorporation

£150 + VAT

If it is beneficial to trade as a limited company then we can set the company up for you.

Only use this service if it is beneficial, we will discuss this with you to give you a clear understanding of the difference between a self-employed and a limited company.

We can get moving on this and have it complete within 2 days.

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