Now some compliance checks are coming to an end we wanted to share in our results.

We have closed compliance checks with agreements between our clients and HMRC without any of our workings being questioned. HMRC ask for a breakdown, we supplied details and they are accepted. This means HMRC have no concerns with the quality of our work during the compliance checks. We act fairly towards our clients and also HMRC to make these checks as stress free for everyone involved.

After this stage HMRC confirm what they believe to be the new corrected tax amounts and we double check, correspond with the client then either agree with HMRC and the check is closed or either report back to HMRC with our understanding of what should be due. Once everything is agreed then the check is closed and the updated tax amounts are either paid, refunded or a payment plan agreed.

Our favourite bit of feedback from a client so far is ‘Only Accountants have been worth every single penny, it’s the best money I’ve spent in my life’. This feedback made us smile, we appreciate being respected for the quality of work but we do understand that there are more exciting things in life to spend your money on. However in these cases it’s always best to be represented by the best quality accountants and in this instance the value has spoken for itself.