Most people think an accountant is an accountant and they can do any accounts job. That would be fine in most normal industries such as manufacturing, service providers and so on.

When it comes to accounting processes that aren’t normal then a specialist does the work without any drama and makes it look easy. We specialise in OnlyFans so we can guide you through your OnlyFans account to download the reports we need. We can tell you the sections to go to if you struggle.

However, more importantly, we won’t get your accounts wrong and cost you a fortune in tax or VAT. We have seen over and over again where generic accountants get the accounts so badly wrong that we have to re-do the previous years accounts before we can even make a start on the new year. In one case, we saved a new client hundreds of thousands of pounds based on the advice their previous accountant had given them. It was such a small error but it was major. The same error happens in at least half of new clients that we take on and it’s not a quick fix for us to sort but it will save you a huge amount of money.

We are now seeing brand new creator specific accountants even advertising tax refunds if you use them. We need to clarify, it is literally impossible for an OnlyFans creator to get a tax refund unless you are also a builder or working in the construction industry. If you haven’t paid tax to start with then how can you get a refund? We mention this because it’s important to choose your accountant wisely and not fall for false promises.

Our top tip would be to speak to several accountants on the phone and ask them the questions specific to what you need. Once you’ve spoken to a few, you will be able to realise who would be able to help you the best. Then you will be confident going forward that you are being looked after correctly.